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In May 2023, Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing proudly launched the second Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran in Cape Town, South Africa.

Following the resounding success of Hull#1 launched in December last year, this elegant masterpiece takes luxury to new heights.

Designed by the renowned world-class yacht designer, Du Toit Yacht Design, the Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran exudes a captivating exterior with its striking aesthetics. Its sleek and modern design, coupled with low maintenance requirements, creates an irresistible charm. Stepping inside, one is enchanted by the chic and opulent interior that surpasses expectations.

The Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran is the epitome of spaciousness and indulgence, defying the limits of its 55-foot frame. It offers a level of luxury typically reserved for much larger vessels. Accommodating up to eight people comfortably, it provides a truly remarkable on-the-water living experience.

When it comes to design, the Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran sets the bar high. Every detail has been meticulously crafted with a focus on styling, comfort, performance, and ergonomics. The interior design specialists collaborate closely with customers to tailor the layout and design to their unique preferences and requirements.

Unparalleled sea-keeping capabilities define the Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran. Its lightweight, resin-infused construction ensures optimal manoeuvrability, while the high bridge deck clearance and symmetrical hull design deliver a smooth and stable ride. With a shallow draft and prop tunnel, this vessel can navigate even the most challenging waters effortlessly. The addition of a sacrificial, low drag keel further enhances its efficiency.
Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing, a pioneer in the industry since 1989, stands as one of the few manufacturers of large custom power and sailing catamarans worldwide. With their state-of-the-art production facility spanning 18,000 square meters at the Cape Town Harbour, they specialise in crafting custom and semi-custom catamarans ranging from 27 to 150 feet, as well as offshore rescue craft and express cruisers.

As testament to their commitment to excellence, Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing has joined forces with HMY Yachts in the United States as their sales partner for the Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran and its larger counterpart, the Two Oceans 675 Power Catamaran.

Two Oceans Marine Launches Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran Hull#2
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