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Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing is a world-class marine manufacturer based in Cape Town, South Africa.
Founded in 1989, Two Oceans Marine specialises in crafting custom and semi-custom power and sailing catamarans, power boats and offshore rescue craft spanning 27 to 150 feet.
Based at the Cape Town Harbour, our expansive 18,000-square-meter covered factory floor over four factories reflects our commitment to excellence.

34 years’ experience in quality boat building

At Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing, our dedicated team brings passion and expertise to every aspect of sailing, boating, fishing, and watersports. Our staff is comprised of highly skilled individuals who actively engage in these activities, sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience with a focus on boats and the maritime lifestyle.

Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing played a pivotal role in introducing power catamarans to the Cape Town market, revolutionising the local tuna fishing fleet, which now predominantly consists of power catamarans. Catamarans have become the vessels of choice throughout the South African offshore boating community, and Two Oceans Marine has emerged as a key player in this realm, particularly with our acclaimed Magnum Power Catamaran Range.

The Magnum Power Catamaran Range, known for its stability, robustness, comfort, and functionality, has become synonymous with quality and innovation. Whether for sport fishing, patrol boats, or other custom leisure and commercial applications, these vessels are built to endure the challenging seas around Cape Town. At Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing, we take immense pride in the craftsmanship that goes into each catamaran, and the ultimate reward is witnessing the launch of a meticulously crafted vessel after months of dedication and hard work

Custom design and manufacture

Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing has become a premier manufacturer of custom and semi-custom designed and manufactured cruising and performance sailing catamarans, power catamarans and charter catamarans. Two Oceans also manufactures offshore rescue craft. The company is one of only a handful of large custom catamaran manufacturers in the world. Designed and built to cruise the world or for high speed performance and customised to suit the owners’ needs, these catamarans are expertly built with flawless finishing.

Extensive testing is performed on all new production boats, prior to the completion of moulds. Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing is fortunate to have on their doorstep access to some of the most demanding sea conditions the world has to offer in the seas of Cape Town in which to perform these tests. Potential clients can fly to Cape Town, sea trial the vessel of their choice, visit the factory to witness the building methods and the materials used in production, customise their choice of vessel, and then fly home on the same day. Completed vessels are launched and sea trialed within a short distance of the factory, thereby saving time and unnecessary expense on travel.

Two Oceans Marine’s boats are designed by world-class naval architects to be comfortable and ergonomically friendly in every way. Boat layout and interior design is customised to the customers’ needs. Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing’s catamarans have beautiful lines and easy-flowing interiors with all the modern appliances one could need, making them comfortable and luxurious on-the-water homes. Our vessel systems are state-of-the-art.

Two Oceans Marine Company Profile

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