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Mark Delany
Managing Director
Clinton Jones
Chief Operating Officer
Theo Roux
Human Resources Manager
Shervone Bruyns
Kirsten Veenstra
James Cooks
Electrical Systems Manager
Thabit Jassiem
Head of Carpentry
Na-eem Galant
Head of Carpentry
Mark Wehrley
Technical Manager
Peter Dean
Customer Relations & Procurement/Product Specialist Manager
Andrew Klopstra
Logistics and Procurement Manager
Byron Jeacocks
Facilities Manager
Johan Huisamen
Design Office Manager
Karen Groenewald
Project Manager
Shereen Robertson
Customer Relations
Alistair Dickson
Factory Manager
Ashley Jehoma
Factory Manager
Na-Aim Fataar
Factory Manager
Myck Jubber
NSRI Build Manager and Warranty Manager
David Helfrich
Talishia Langenhoven
Customer Liaison
Brumilda Scholtz
Senior Accountant
Nick van der Linde
Project Manager
Ikraam Abrahams
Project Manager
Werner van Wyk
Commissioning, Servicing and After Sales
Margaret Hannie
Production Manager: Primary Assembly and Laminate
Alfonzo Quickfall
Production Manager: Final Assembly
Gary Arendse
Mechanical and Systems Team Leader
Shane Hewston
Mechanical and Systems Team Leader
Reyaad Booley
Painting Team Leader
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