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Experience the thrill of crafting your dream catamaran with Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing

Build your catamaran with a leading global custom catamaran manufacturer with over 33 years of experience

  • Two Oceans Marine is one of only a handful of large custom catamaran manufacturers in the world. Customise your vessel to your requirements
  • We provide references from existing customers – both leisure and commercial

Boats that are safe and sea worthy.

  • South African Maritime Safety and Construction regulations, together with the latest European certification standards, are adhered to and exceeded in the design and manufacture of all Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing vessels.
  • All production hulls are foam-filled to allow for flotation in the event of catastrophic damage at sea.

Engineered to withstand the toughest open ocean conditions

  • Our vessels are custom designed according to the intended use and area of operation.
  • Our custom catamarans are designed by leading yacht designers, and are built to withstand the rough sea conditions of Cape Town, known as the Cape of Storms.
  • Specific attention is paid to the hydrodynamic capabilities of the hull.
  • Initial designs are computer aided and plugs are produced accordingly.
  • The latest and most advanced materials and methods of construction are employed.

Tested and used at the Cape of Storms

  • All new designs are tested at sea using the actual conditions that a model will be used for.
  • Specific attention is paid to a smooth and comfortable ride, following sea conditions, turning ability, and load carrying capability.
  • Testing of hulls is an ongoing process and upgrades are addressed whenever necessary.  A number of Two Oceans Marine vessels operate off the Cape of Storms and performance feedback is readily available.  Long distance deliveries provide excellent opportunities to monitor performance of hulls and power plant combinations.

Accredited Factory Facility

  • The factory meets the stringent, audited, quality control standards that are laid down by the South African Boatbuilding Association. These standards are in line with current ISO standards applicable to Europe.
  • All materials used in production, are sourced from reputable suppliers with quality control standards, and the ability to ensure continued supply of specified product.

Qualified and Experienced Staff

  • All staff are qualified to perform the tasks allocated to them.
  • Key staff are highly experienced in their individual areas and in turn are involved in the end use and testing of the various vessels.
  • Two Oceans Marine affords on-site training opportunities to students of the Boat Building School, and ensures that qualified staff are able to upgrade, or add to their qualifications, by attending relevant training courses.

Expert service and maintenance back up

  • On-site service by capable and qualified staff is essential to the safe and efficient operation of seagoing vessels.
  • Problems are correctly identified thereby enabling the swift repair of vessels.  This is particularly important for commercial operators.

High Resale Value

  • All Two Oceans Marine vessels enjoy a high resale value and are much sought after owing, in particular, to their solid construction, attention to detail, safety features and seaworthy capabilities.

Factory Approved Engine and Electronic Installations.

  • Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing is a factory approved fitment centre for all leading brands of marine equipment. This allows for the economic use of the latest equipment specific to the individual vessel. All installations are approved by qualified personnel, thereby ensuring compliance with factory warranties.
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