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We are very proud to have been featured on behalf of the Western Cape’s Maritime sector in Wesgro’s Open for Business campaign.

As the official tourism, trade and investment promotion agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape, Wesgro assists investors and businesses looking to branch out into the province.

Regardless of the sector a company operates in – be it wine, technology, agriculture or another sector – Cape Town and the Western Cape have all the elements necessary to make investments a success – and Wesgro works hard at promoting this and growing opportunities and investment in the Western Cape.

Wesgro featured a number of industries in this campaign, featuring investment and business opportunities in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

This video, although only released in late 2020, was shot in July of 2020, while South Africa was still opening up after the hard lockdown, and also while we were still in our two older and much smaller factories.

Two Oceans Marine moved into a 9500 sqm factory in the Port of Cape Town just after the filming of this video.

The video gives some great insight into Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing, our history and contribution to the Western Cape Economy.


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