Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing was founded in 1989 and has evolved into one of South Africa’s leading custom boat and yacTwo Oceans Marine Manufacturing Logoht manufacturing yards. Based in Cape Town, Two Oceans Marine manufactures both power and sailing catamarans ranging from 7.3 m to 25 m in size – for cruising, leisure, day charter and commercial use.

With 28 years’ experience in quality boat building, the staff and production team at Two Oceans Marine are actively involved in all sailing, boating, fishing and watersport activities and share a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the sport – and the boats used.

Two Oceans Marine developed from humble beginnings, as an extension to a petrol service station, into a fully-fledged design and manufacturing facility for ocean going craft with 4500 square meters of covered factory floor space on two different premises, one in Cape Town harbour and the other 3km from the harbour. The factory is able to accommodate vessels of up to 30 m in length.

Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing spearheaded the introduction of power catamarans to the Cape Town market. Today, the local tuna fishing fleet consists almost exclusively of power catamarans .Throughout the South African offshore boating community, catamarans are the vessels of choice, and Two Oceans Marine has established themselves as one of the market leaders in the manufacture of exclusive custom designed and built sailing and motor catamarans.

Extensive testing is performed on all new production boats, prior to the completion of moulds. We are fortunate to have on our doorstep access to some of the most demanding sea conditions the world has to offer in the seas of Cape Town in which to perform these tests.

Potential clients are able to fly to Cape Town, sea trial the vessel of their choice, visit the factory to witness the building methods, and the materials used in production, customize their choice of vessel, and then fly home on the same day.

Completed vessels are launched and sea trialed within a short distance of the factory thereby saving time and unnecessary expense on travel.