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Mark Delany
Managing Director
Alistair Dickson
General Manager
Lee-Ann Philander
Human Resources Manager
Peter Dean
Senior Project Manager
Niel Engelbrecht
Senior Project Manager
Margaret Hannie
Factory Manager
Michael Mandlakazi
Harbour Factory Manager
Davis Helfrich
James Cooks
Electrical Systems Manager
Eugene Davids
Procurement and Health and Safety Manager
Bonsani Nkwane
Stores Manager
Leonard Conradie
Rigging Manager
Alfonzo Quickfall
Carpentary Manager
Jan Swarts
Project Manager
Ashley Jehoma
Project Manager
Shane Hewston
Mechanical and Systems Team Leader
Reyaad Booley
Painting Team Leader
Samuel Kohlakala
Finishing Team Leader
Ikraam Abrahams
Team Leader
Stephen Bakatubila
Team Leader
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