1 Jun 2007

Shuttleworth 47 Boat Review by Trygve Roberts

It would seem I am doomed to always do boat reviews on strong wind days. No matter how carefully I plan the test sails with weather forecasts, it always ends up blowing hard. The moderate westerly became a stiff south-easter – but then again, big breeze on big boats is no big deal anyway. The […]

1 Jun 2004

Magnum 32 Walkaround Boat Review by Erwin Bursik

Wow, now that’s what I call boating! A superb craft, walk-on moorings right in front of ones magnificent home, and direct access to the Capes False Bay. The place was Harbour Island, Gordons Bay, the boat the new Magnum 32 Walkaround and Patrick Christodoulou the man I really wouldn’t mind swapping lifestyles with. “I want a […]

1 Jun 2003

Magnum 32 Boat Review by Erwin Bursik

The words bigger, better, best spring to mind as Mark Delany of Two Oceans Marine gave me a run down of his aspirations for this company that specialises in the upper end of the trailerable, offshore, power catamaran market. He was also explaining their reasons for designing and building a much bigger boat than they […]

1 Jun 2003

Magnum 23 Boat Review by Erwin Bursik

ROD and Mark Delany of Two Oceans Marine in Cape Town introduced the Magnum 25 in the late 1990s to complement their Magnum 780. They also wanted to expose their boat-building and design skills in a top-of-the-range trailerable craft that could be launched through the surf. This craft proved to be highly successful both here […]

1 Nov 0201